Finde dein WIST

Head to Heart

WIST Barbara is the center of WIST. Also called “WIST Silicon Valley”. Xxx students from xxx countries on 13 floors show how the future ticks and lives. At the top there is a roof terrace, bar and community rooms. With a view of the campus next door, the city and nature. Just WOW!

Feel safe

WIST Bruno is the home for those who like to heal & help. You could say those who live here near the Kepler Clinic and the FH Upper Austria often study social issues or medicine. The house is modern and spacious, and the XL cellar bar, which is also used for YOGA and other events, is just as spacious. See you!

The music plays here

At WIST Ernst rooms and rehearsal rooms are waiting for young, creative minds. For students at the Bruckner University and the nearby Linz Art University. There is also enough space to exchange ideas and be with one another. And if that’s not enough for you, you have the whole cultural scene of the city next door. Clap your hands!

Welcome to the quiet club

The WIST Johanna offers students the ideal retreat in the middle of the city. The self-contained residential units are small, quiet and cozy and divided over 4 floors. If you are looking for contact in between, you will find like-minded people and a great view in the common rooms on the top floor. Be calm!

Over the rainbow

WIST Franz is the first address for all students from Upper Austria who venture into wild Vienna. Legendary called “Haus Oberösterreich” and famous for its great community. The location in the 7th district and the recreational opportunities are also great! Vienna calling!

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