Vote For Low Cost

We are a non-profit association. We want to make it easier for students from lower-income families to gain access to university education by offering affordable student residences in Linz. By the way, our homes cost less than others by far and we are the only ones who do not charge anything for applications.

Vote For humanism

Yes, we feel committed to the social democratic understanding of education and advocate that free access to university education is not blocked by financial hurdles.

Vote For privacy

We regard students as fully-fledged adults who shape their own lives. That is why we treat them with respect, respect their privacy, do not enter inhabited dormitory rooms and adhere to the principle: as little control and as much freedom of design in the student residence as possible.

Vote For community

Our common rooms and events offer the opportunity for students to get to know each other better. Life in the dormitories should be organised by the students in self-administration according to their own needs. To this end, each accommodation elects its own representatives, who organise parties, cultural and sporting events, etc. in addition to working together with the administration.

Vote For fairness

WIST only intervenes if it is necessary to maintain the substance and quality of the rooms and their furnishings and to comply with the dorm rules.
We have no parenting duties towards the residents of the accommodation.

An accessible vision for more education.


On 2 March 1960, the WIST (Economic Aid for Students) was launched in the festival hall of the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria under the chairmanship of Dr. Victor Kleiner. The other founding board members were the deputy chairmen Dkfm. Ing. Ramsauer Franz and Dr. Kellermayr Josef, secretary Dr. Zeitlhofer Hubert and deputy secretary Doz. Dr. Straßer Rudolf, Treasurer Dir. Dr. Singer Hans and Deputy Treasurer Prof. Hemmelmayr Richard, as well as the Advisory Board members Prim. Dr. Kecztele Viktor, OMR Dr. Seitlinger Josef, LR Prof. Demuth Stefan, BStv. Grill Theodor, BR Dipl. Ing. Prammer Karl, Dipl. Ing. Hoch Alfons and Dr. Marle Ferdinand.



The Upper Austria Accommodation Vienna / Wist Franz, in Vienna’s 7th district was opened in a Vidobona house planned by Linz architect Prof. Arthur Perotti.


Gründberghaus Linz

The youth hostel at Gründberg is taken over by the city of Linz as a student residence.


WIST Barbara

The WIST House Linz was built by Merkur Versicherung Graz according to plans by architect Gustav Lassy and leased to WIST Upper Austria on a general basis.



The property, which was taken over from Sozialbau on a rental basis, was closed again in 2008 due to the location and low demand.



The Upper Austria Accommodation in Graz was built by the Eisenbahnsiedlungsgesellschaft Villach according to plans by architect DI Schifko. It went into operation in 1985 and was handed over to WIST-Styria in mid-2007.


WIST Ernst

The Dr. Ernst Koref House, built according to plans by Prof. Riepl, was the first WIST Upper Austria accommodation that was not rented.


WIST Johanna

WIST Upper Austria opens the former nurses’ home in Kaisergasse.


WIST Bruno

The building in Garnisonstraße was planned by DI Bernhard Rosensteiner and built together with the housing cooperative Familie.


Mag. Michael Cetinkan, MBA

“Education is not for the conceited. But for the hungry, it is the motor for a successful life.”


GR Manfred Schauberger

“WIST is the centre – of student housing!”


Vorstand Wist Studentenwohnheim in Linz und Wien

A few more facts

Our association is made up of the following:

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WIST student residence in Linz and Vienna

Student residence in Linz and Vienna

With the WIST student residences, we have made it our mission to redefine student housing. Our history is one of continuous innovation and striving to provide students with a home that is both comfortable and conducive to their academic and personal development. We are proud to have created a community that promotes diversity, inclusion and excellence. One thing is clear: if a student residence – then WIST!

Where students feel at home

No matter what you are studying, with us you will find the perfect balance between learning and leisure. The central locations of our student residences in Linz and Vienna allow easy access to universities and colleges, so you have more time for what really matters. Enjoy the lively community and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Discover WIST Student Residence as your next student residence in Linz or Vienna and experience student living on a whole new level.

WIST student residence in Linz and Vienna

Best place for students

Looking for a student residence in Linz or Vienna? Welcome to WIST!

WIST Student Residence stands for more than just accommodation during your time at university; it is a community built on the pillars of comfort, safety and academic success. Our student housing offers a wide range of amenities, from modern furnished rooms to common areas that promote social and intellectual growth.

Our years of experience in student housing allow us to create an environment that is perfectly suited to students’ needs. With a variety of events and activities taking place throughout the year, our student housing is the ideal place to make friends and have unforgettable experiences. Choose WIST Student Residence for an enriching and fulfilling study experience.

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